When was your phone made? Here's how to find out

 Do you know when the smartphone you are using was made? Surely you are curious to know about it. In some cases, even when we buy an old phone, we need to check when it was made. It is important to know when the phone was made, as there will be some depreciation when buying a used phone.

In general, you can easily find out when the phone was released by searching the Internet. However, when that phone was made public is a completely different matter. Especially the phone is manufactured around the year the phone is released. Every Android phone manufacturer is different. Here we have discussed various options to know how many years a phone is manufactured or when it was manufactured.

Check from phone settings

Some phones include the date of manufacture in the settings. If you want to see the phone build settings, you can go to the 'about phone' section of the settings. This feature may not be available on all mobile phones. We have given this option as a suggestion as it is available on some phones.

Look at the phone box

Some companies include information about when the phone was manufactured on the phone box. For example, information about when the phone was made can be seen on the cover of OnePlus and Motorola phones that came to the market recently. If it is not found in that too, it can be known through other processes.

Use the serial number code

The serial number tells when the phone was manufactured by Apple. On older devices, the third digit indicates the year of manufacture. If the third digit of the phone's serial number has 9, it means that the phone was made in 2019, 0 means 2020 and 1 means the phone was made in 2021. Similarly, the fourth and fifth digits indicate the week of the year in which the phone was made.
There is something different about the new device. The third letter in the serial number of the new model indicates the week of the year in which the phone was manufactured. If there is a 'C' in the third order of the serial number, it means that it was made in the middle of 2020, if there is a 'D', it means that it was made at the end of 2020.
Similarly, 'F' and 'G' mean that it was made between 2021. Similarly, phones made in the middle of 2022 are denoted by 'H' and 'J'. Similarly, the fifth letter indicates the week in which it was made. This process may not apply to other phones.

Use the app

To know any details of Android phone, download the app by searching phone info on Google Play Store or by Clicking Here. On most Android phones, you can get information about when the phone was manufactured through this app.


Ask Google

If you cannot find the age of the phone even after following the various procedures given above, you can take the help of a search engine like Google. If you ask when the phone was released in the search engine, the release date will appear. Phones are usually manufactured around the time the phone is released. You can also find out the age of your phone from this.

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