Users who have lost their Facebook account can now get it back

 Some Facebook users lose access to their account from time to time. If you have been using Facebook for a long time, you must have seen that some of your friends have created a new Facebook ID.

Most of them have lost access to their main Facebook account. You may have experienced this yourself. If a Facebook account has been taken down by mistake, it is very difficult to make a claim on it, citing privacy reasons.

But now, a new department has been formed to compensate the users who have lost access to their accounts. According to Bloomberg, the company will establish a customer service center.

Through that, especially those who are experiencing inconvenience due to loss of access to the account will be reviewed. Currently, the process of requesting access to a Facebook account that has been blocked due to false reports and hackers is very complicated.

Having a separate department will make it easier for users to recover their accounts. The head of META's inspection board said that through this new division, transparency will be increased and it will also be possible to know what was the basis of the decision to ban the account.

Especially the sudden decision taken by the company and the lack of a mechanism to disclose the reason has hurt the users who lose their accounts. However, META has not revealed when this new branch will be operational.

It is currently at the level of planning. It is expected to cover both Facebook and Instagram by the time it goes public.

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