Iphone14 Release Date - Geek Helper


On Wednesday, September 7th, Apple is going to release smartphones under the iPhone 14 series.

The company released a video with the Apple logo and informed that an 'Apple Event' will be held on September 7.

Until now, various media outlets have been estimating the date of iPhone release.

Finally, the company has announced the release of a new smartphone in the iPhone 14 series on September 7.

iPhone series is considered as the best product of Apple. This series of phones is one of the most selling devices of the company.

Despite that, many people are interested in what the new iPhone 14 will be like and what features will be available in it.

Although the company has given information about the program, it has not given any information about which devices will be released on that day.

However, three smartphones, Mac, low-end and high-end iPad and three Apple Watch models are expected to be released in the iPhone 14 series.

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